‘Whack and Hack’ – Thursday 8th February Roll Up

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‘Whack and Hack’ – Thursday 8th February Roll Up

10 teams of 3 attacked a new stableford team game today. WHACK and HACK. Whist the words are very familiar to most on the golf course the rules stipulated that if your ball lands in a hazard – BUNKER, OOB, YELLOW or RED STAKED AREA you must pick up and walk on. It is surprising how powerful the magnet of all hazards become and how welcoming bunkers become during this competition. Not one team beat par for this game [3 x 36 = 108]. Kevin Doyle [leaving on a high note] ably abetted by Trevor Baker and Terry Osborne achieved 100 stableford points. 3 teams vied for second place with 98 points. Count Back decided the issue giving the accolade to Bob Gibson, John Auton and Chris Dovey. Only one team achieved a complete BLOB – on the 14th! John HUMPHRIES proved to be ‘hot shot of the day’ with a 2 on the 10th!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to roll up Monday 12th Feb.

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