We have a separate 9 hole Footgolf Course adjacent to our clubhouse. It is 843 yards and really is fun for everyone!

The rules are simple – kick the ball from tee to green and into the hole. The fewest number of kicks wins the hole and that person kicks off first on the next hole. The fewest number of kicks around the course wins!

Check in the the golf club pro shop (or bar if the shop is closed) and you can bring your own football or use one of ours (no extra charge for ours but we will need a deposit). Take your score card and head out for the first tee.


Adults (over 16): £8, children under 16: £6

We can offer group rates and food packages for excursions and parties. Please contact us for details. Group times are limited at weekends.

We do ask a couple of things from our footgolfers:

  • No football boots – everyone kicks off from a tee box which would get quickly worn out. Trainers, Golf shoes and astro shoes are fine.
  • Please keep quiet on the tee if other footgolfers or golfers are teeing off nearby. Especially on our 8th tee golfers and foogolfers are close to each other. They won’t shout when you’re kicking either!
  • Be careful on the field. If you go off line the field surface is uneven – not like a football pitch.

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Severn Bridge Tolls gong from December 19th.


You can cross the Severn Bridge Toll-Free from December 19th which will leave you with an extra £5.60. To celebrate we’ve reduced the adult price of a round of Footgolf here at Forest Hills Golf Club to £5.60 for the rest of December 2018. No booking required just head over the bridge and find out what it’s all about!