All About Data

If you are receiving or would like to receive information about Golf and Events here at Forest Hills Golf Club, the following information outlines what data we have and how it is used. This is only relevant where details are for a named person.

First the most important points:

  1. We do not sell your data to any third parties or allow them to use our list
  2. Our data is held on the cloud-based database management system ‘Salesforce’ and additional programs where stated.

Details of Data for members of the golf club and members of the public.

To subscribe to an opted in list please use one of our subscriber forms or just email us your request.

Members – we are required to keep your mailing details for renewal purposes. We send newsletters monthly plus the occasional event reminder. You can opt out of receiving these but we don’t recommend it as important announcements and reminders are made via the Newsletter.

The club committee also send out reminders via this list. As this is often about required payment of golf union fees it is not possible to opt out of this list.

If you are a member your data is also kept on our BRS tee booking system and the committee card management system ‘Chips’. These 2 are essential to the management of your membership benefits and therefore is it not possible to unsubscribe.

When members leave the club their status changes to ‘Ex-member’

Ex-members – We keep ex-member data for 10 years after the date of leaving. This is to track any returners. We don’t use this list of mailing on any regular basis so ex-members will only get details of golf or events if they opt into the GOLF OFFERSSOCIETY or WHAT’S ON list.

Very occasionally we may mail this list with a membership offer. You can unsubscribe from all emails.

Golf Society Organisers – We email this list with details of golf and any Golf Society offers. We don’t send more than 1 email per month. Twice a year we send our main Golf Society offers via post to everyone with a mailing address. People with an email address will get more frequent communication. You can opt out of receiving emails but still receive communications in the post if you like. Golf Society Organisers are kept for 15 years after signing up.

Golfers – Our golf offers list receives details of special offers and news about the golf course. Contacts with a postal address are mailed annually and those with an email address are mailed monthly as a maximum. Details are kept for 15 years. You can register an email address but opt out of email communication if you like.

What’s On – our What’s On list is mailed about 5-10 times a year with details of clubhouse events. It is an email only list, we don’t send newsletters through the post. This data is kept for 15 years.

Wedding Enquirers – We send details of our wedding fairs and events until 2 months before your wedding date. If no date is given we add a year from the date of the enquiry. Data is kept on the database but not used or deleted.

Christmas Leaflet: Our Christmas leaflets are sent through the post in September to people who have requested them in the past.  This data is kept for 15 years.


To unsubscribe there are various easy ways:

  1. Reply to an email with ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line. It helps to add your name as well.
  2. Click the ‘unsubscribe’ like at the bottom of the email and send ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line.
  3. Email us on
  4. Telephone 01594 810620
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