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Senior’s Away Day


50 Seniors left ‘the forest’ with their passports and ventured south, south, west to Peterstone Lakes. However, some went a little further west, and then west again, along the M4 before realising, thanks to ‘Geoff’ Google Maps they needed a u-turn in a hurry. Some, a certain Mr R. Powell and his navigator Mr. L. Howard.   Nuff said troops – but let’s milk it!!!!!

After 50 of the best bacon baps ever and a cup of coffee, our members were lining up to take on the first hole.  A ‘go for it’ attitude appears to be the Forest Hills way.  This course needed a lot of course planning.  Massive congratulations to Colin Baird the only visitor to the course who beat his handicap. He is seen here receiving his AWAY DAY – ROY POWELL CUP from the legend himself.   In Second place with 34 points on count back Bob Gibson.  Third on 34 points was Steve Keepax.  CAREFUL SHOOTING GUYS WELL DONE!!

Captain Mike Steward [17 points] and Malcolm Shergold [16 points] tried their utmost to gain a golf lesson as their prize for the Best Endeavour Prize, however, this was won by Roy Powell. His driving off the course matched his driving on the course as he amassed a winning 15 points.

The Nearest the Pin Prizes on the 5 Par 3s were won by Brian Prosser, Robin Leamon, Barry Klein, Mike Cannon, Andy Ward.

Well done to Pete Chisholm who squeezed out Dave Howard for the nearest the pin in 2 on the 18th.

Other than the winner on the day the best front nine score was 20 by Colin White whilst Terry Hook won the back nine with 17 points.

There were 4 Hidden holes. The score for each member on these unknown holes were totalled with John Humphries coming out the winner.

At registration the organisers took £1.00 of every member and recorded their guestimate for the number of balls Forest Hills would lose during the day. Suffice to say that Chas Challis mourned the loss of 13, yes 13 balls and was able to drown his sorrows with a complementary bottle of red.

So best guess of the day had to be closest to 180!!!! John Bodnar took the spoils with much pride and joy.

Another brilliant away day with Forest Hills Seniors. Massive thanks have been sent to Steve Gaskin who was enjoying an away day in Holland. Once again he had found an interesting and testing course at a venue that produced bacon baps to die for, cheap beer, excellent help from the pro shop and great comfort food to end the day. John Humphries and Roger Ovett checked the scorecard and then checked and checked again all the above winners were correct.  This was a special test after playing a difficult round in intense heat. Dave Shuttleworth may well have had the worst job on the day. Starting off 49 other fellow members in the scorching heat before he put club to ball was bound to take its toll.
Massive THANKS to you all.

Captain Mike.



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