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January Medal – Results


The First medal of the year came with a bitterly cold wind that swept across frozen greens and frosty fairways. Winter golf at its worst? 44 Seniors ventured forth and all returned – some too cold for their own good. Only one member managing to par the course. Huge congratulations to Colin Baird who must have managed to control landing on the green and flying off or landing short and dying in the thawing approaches. For the first time that I can remember not one member secured a ‘two’ – that’s how difficult conditions were all day. Even the computer took pity on us and did not change any handicaps! It would be wrong of me not to congratulate Bill Peffers in dispatches for his fantastic 99 – 75 first place Division 2……our ears suffer enough in this cold weather!

Division 1 Result
1st COLIN BAIRD 89-17c=72
2nd COLIN GRINDLE 85-12c=73
3rd TERRY OSBORNE 88-13c=75
Division 2 Result
1st BILL PEFFERS 99-24c=75
3rd JOHN AUTON 95-19c=76

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